How to do a Dump

LINQPad is a nice piece of software for testing LINQ queries (or any other code, really!) The default input method (or ‘language’) is set to “Expression”. However, using the “Statement(s)” language, you can enter more than 1 line of code and it will evaluate it for you. To inspect a LINQ statement using Statements (like … More How to do a Dump

MySQL in a .NET App

When you have the MySQL .NET library installed on a local machine and want to deploy an Entity Framework application to a server without the library installed, I always (thus-far without fail) forget at least one of the following: EntityFramework.dll – set to copy local MySql.Data.dll – set to copy local MySql.Data.Entity.dll – set to … More MySQL in a .NET App

Duplicate Tables

SELECT * INTO NewTable FROM OldTable Absolutely brilliant snippet of SQL. NewTable doesn’t even have to exsit – it copies the schema from OldTable. Also, as suggested here, you can just copy the schema (without contents) by doing: SELECT TOP 0 * INTO NewTable FROM OldTable From what I can make out, this functionality was … More Duplicate Tables