Alpha Bravo Create

You know when you’re giving your postcode, spelling your name or email over the phone, and you come across one of these moments: Me: “…P…” Them: “B?” Me: “No, P. As in…” And then all words beginning with ‘P’ leave your mind… except some useless ones like ‘pea’ (“Bee?”) or ‘pneumonia’? Don’t you feel such … More Alpha Bravo Create

Speech input

I only just noticed that Chrome has implemented a speech/voice input functionality in HTML inputs! It appears to have been added in 2011 sometime. Check it out here (in Chrome, obviously – other browsers will just see an input) Cool, eh? More information on SitePoint.


I read The Daily WTF on a regular basis. It makes for some good laughs as a developer but today, this post made me want to cry. It highlights the following piece of JavaScript on the Asus Transformer Book website. // JavaScript Document (function(){ isIE =“MSIE”) > -1; isIE7 =“MSIE 7”) > -1; … More WTF, ASUS?