Removing the ‘start.aspx’ from links created by SharePoint

I have not posted for a long time! However, I have been on a slight learning curve.

I have been designing a new style of branding for my internal Intranet. Unfortunately, I came under a bit of a problem when I started clicking the auto-generated links, such as the ‘home’  button, links to lists and documents libraries. It started to remove my master page and also style sheet that I had created. Of course, this is a big problem when designing any Intranet!

However, after spotting that the URL was adding ‘start.aspx’ and ‘_layouts/15/’,  I figured this was probably the issue. I had no idea whatsoever as to why it was even trying to add this to my URL and why it was confusing the styles I had applied. I had to try and see if this was the issue. It was.

Turns out that if you Minimal Download Strategy’ site feature enabled, it decides to add all of the extra characters into the URL. I am guessing that this site feature is activated by default. Disabling this, stops this from occurring.

To get to turn this rather annoying site feature of is by ensuring you are a site admin, and going to ‘Site Settings’. Under ‘Site Actions’, click ‘Manage Site Features’. Under here, you will find the site feature, and determine whether it is enabled or disabled. If you have the problem I had, you are more than likely going to want to disable it! So, go ahead – unless of course you have specifically been told not to!

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