Here is a list of sites based around colours/colors.

I hope you might find them useful for all your colour-picking needs!

Tint UI

Lists colour schemes as used in popular UIs.

By @jp3dro

254 Shades of Grey

A project which aims to name all 254 shades of grey (everything else is black and white) – not just 50.

By @254ShadesOfGrey

Dead Colors

A list of colours with the hex value DEAD in them. I’m a ☠ #DEAD13 fan, myself.

By @lemieuxster


L337 meets C55 (CSS, get it?!)

By @twikito & @dhoko_

Design Seeds

A list of beautiful colour schemes with images and a search function.

By @designseeds

Bundled Hues

Pretty Colors

A collaborative flow of pretty colours as selected by the Tumblr community.

Color Scheme Designer

Pick a colour and Color Scheme Designer will make a colour scheme from it.

By @pixycz

CSS Colours

A list of named colours for CSS by NeilOrangePeel. Very pretty and categorised by name.

By @_neilorangepeel


Generate “attractive colours” as opposed to a simple random colour with JavaScript – no need for “lots of greys and browns and murky greens”.

By @davidmerfieId

Random Colours


Please.Js is “a JavaScript library for the creation of pleasing random colors and color schemes”. Use the demo to generate one-offs or grab the code and integrate it into your site!

By @CestDommage

Pencils photo by Capture Queen on Flickr

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