Best Free Stock Photo Sites

Embed from Getty Images

Getty Images has made the news recently for making a load of their photos free to embed on blogs and social media sites. The images are available in an iFrame format as shown above.

I thought I ought to compile a list of my favourite stock photo sites which have photos available for free.

Getty Images

A great source for commercial images and used by many large companies. Now, Getty have made a huge load of their images available for free, but only in iFrame format – you can’t embed the actual image without paying – and for non-commercial purposes.

The site is easy to use, the images are easy to embed and the attribution is added automatically. However, the Getty Images logo is rather large.

Image courtesy of africa /

These photos only require a text attribution, nothing as intrusive as the free Getty photos. However, the site is less easy to use and no attribution is generated for you. There is also a smaller selection of images available.

Flickr Creative Commons Search

Image courtesy of James Russo

The Flickr advanced search allows you to be specific about which Creative Commons permissions you require (share/remix/commercial). Upon finding an image with the desired license, you can embed the image with an iFrame, by hotlinking (like above) or downloading the original image for yourself!

With an easy to use interface, a huge variety of images and much higher resolution than the other offerings, Flickr is my favourite source of images. Just ensure you have your advanced search set up correctly so that you don’t end up embedding images you’re not allowed to.



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