SharePoint Content Database Migration – Missing Features and 404 Errors

This has been driving me crazy for a while now. Managed to migrate a SharePoint 2010 content database to SharePoint 2013 first time with little effort. But, to do it a second time – no.

I was receiving a lot of errors saying that certain features were missing – some of which were not even uploaded to the SharePoint 2010 server itself. So I did a little bit of digging. I found out that for some reason, unlike before – no Search Service Application was set up, for some unknown reason. So this was required to be set up to enable the content database to stop throwing a 404 file not found error.

I followed this article here by Technet and set one up. It is relatively straight forward.

After I set this up, I ensured that only one content database was attached to the SharePoint 2013 site. In SharePoint Management Shell (running as an administrator) type –

Get-SPContentDatabase -WebApplication http://url

This will bring up any content databases that are currently mounted. To dismount any content databases, use the following command –

Dismount-SPContentDatabase “Name of Database”

You may also want to dismount the one you want at this point. Once this is done, you will need to mount or remount the desired content database.

Mount-SPContentDatabase -name “Name of Database” -WebApplication http://url

As long as you get the thumbs up from SharePoint Management Shell, you may want to double check that the content database you have just mounted, has attached itself correctly. This can be done with this command –

Get-SPContentDatabase -WebApplication http://url

This will bring up a few details, including the Id, Name, Web Application, Server and Current Site Count. I have found that if the site count is 0 that something has gone wrong. But if not, high five! Finish this off with an IISReset and you *should* be good to go. Reload  your site. I can tell you now, I have never been so happy to see an ‘Access Denied’ error message. If you are to be one of the site collection administrators and you are seeing this message, in Central Administration go to Application Management > Change Site Collection Administrators and just make sure that you are the primary or secondary admin. For all other users, you must migrate the users and make sure that they are using Claims-based authentication. To see this, go to my other blog post here.

Hopefully this helps you as there is not much out there!

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