Best Free Hosting & Domain Services

Here are some links to web/domain services I find helpful.


  • Tumblr
  • Github Pages (Static pages)
  • Redhat Openshift (Linux Hosting – Windows coming soon!)
  • Windows Azure Websites (Free) (Windows/Linux Hosting only with subdomain on
  • (Blog only with subdomain on
  • Google’s Blogger

Domain Name Providers

Country Domains

  • .cf (Central African Republic)
  • .ga (Gabon)
  • .ml (Mali)
  • (Personal, South Africa)
  • .tk (Tokelau, New Zealand)



Further Information

Bitly with a Freenom Domain

A Freenom may not be redirected. However, host your site on http://www.yourfreenomdomain (I only recommend 1 page sites for this!) and have Bitly set up on yourfreenomdomain (no www.) with a redirect to http://www.yourfreenomdomain and you’re all good!

Or, run your site on http://www.yourfreenomdomain and/or yourfreenomdomain and use sub.yourfreenomdomain for

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