Full URLs in MVC Action Links

Using a Url.Action("action", "controller", new { id = 123 }) will generate a URL (by default, at least) like so: "/controller/action/123".

This suits most cases just fine. However, there are certain cases where you might want the fully qualified URL. To do this, simply use the overload asking for protocol. You don’t have to provide the hostname:

Url.Action("action", "controller", new { id = 123 }, Request.Url.Scheme) uses the current request’s scheme (http/https) to produce "http://average-joe.info/controller/action/123".

Obviously there are variations on the above depending on exactly what you want. Here are some further examples:

Url.Action("action", "controller", null, Request.Url.Scheme)"http://average-joe.info/controller/action"
Url.Action("action", "controller", null, "http")"http://average-joe.info/controller/action"

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